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When the FIFA World Cup first started, I thought there was something wrong with my TV. There was this constant noise in the background that was really annoying.

Then I found out online that it was the vuvuzela, which through the flow of air produces a loud monotone sound.  At the beginning there were a lot of complaints about the instrument, especially from TV viewers since they were unable to enjoy the game without that disturbing noise ringing in their ears constantly, as the vuvuzela has its own effects on the human health with leading to hearing loss if they constantly hear it.

Eventually, people got used to it (with channels like ESPN and BBC trying to minimize the sound behind the commentary) but it became a symbol of South African football.

Symbol of the 2010 World Cup for football.

But not basketball.

Basketball fans will not have to worry about the constant noise in the back as FIBA has banned the use of vuvuzelas at this year’s edition of the World Cup in Turkey, citing health reasons as a the main issue, and will confiscate them if brought to the game.

“We want fans to enjoy themselves and make lots of noise but not at the risk of spoiling it for others” said Patrick Baumann, FIBA Secretary-General and member of the International Olympic Committee.

Last time you see these vuvuzelas in a basketball court 🙂

Baumann also believes that the vuvuzela is not “appropriate in a confined space such as a basketball arena” and that medical experts believe the “decibel level and frequency can be harmful to hearing.”

The ban will be implemented in all FIBA indoors tournaments.

Finally, a sport that cares about its fans 😉

Kobe Bryant was one of the most hated athletes in the United States.

Tiger Woods was on the other side of that spectrum,

Add back to back NBA championships for Kobe in the past two years, and the sex scandal (call that multiple if you want) for Tiger Woods, and surprisingly, they are tied as America’s Top Sports Star, in a survey of 2,227 adults conducted by Harris Interactive.

Kobe Bryant is now America's top sports star with golfer Tiger Woods

One wouldn’t expect Kobe to be at top, knowing how much  hatred he receives in the league despite being the best basketball player today, but I certainly wouldn’t expect Tiger Woods to still be liked with all the controversy surrounded by him this year.

Woods had possessed the number one position alone since ’06, while Kobe Bryant made a jump from fourth last year to tie the greatest golfer alive.

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees moved up from  fifth to third while LeBron James dropped from third to sixth, despite the fact that this survey was done from June 14 to June 21, i.e. before James decided to leave Cleveland for Miami.

The legend that James and Bryant are being compared to, Michael Jordan, had a huge drop from the second position to seventh.

Quarterbacks Brett Favre and Peyton Manning also saw improvement, as they rose from ninth to fourth and seventh to fifth respectively.

The top 10 was rounded off with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who failed to make the Top 10 last year, at eight, followed by Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees of New Orleans Saints at ninth, and NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. at number ten.

The names aren’t surprises, with only one retired athlete among them (Jordan). Yet one would expect Brees to be the highest among quarterbacks since he won the first Super Bowl for the Saints since Hurricane Katrina.

As for the female athletes, the Williams sisters Serena and Venus once again went 1-2 for the second straight year, while NASCAR’s first female driver Danica Patrick kept her third position for that period as well.

As usual, Serena and Venus giving the 1-2 punch everywhere

Retired soccer player Mia Hamm moved up one spot for number four, and Maria Sharapova, who was tied at six, also moved up one spot.

The tennis list wouldn’t stop there as Anna Kournikova moved up three spots to sixth.

Volleyball player Mista May and gymnast Shawn Johnson tied for number seven, WNBA star Lisa Leslie came in at number 9, with the retired tennis stars Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova finishing the Top 10 in a tie.

Dropping out of the Top 10 for male athletes were  NASCAR”s Jeff Gordon and St. Louis’ first baseman Albert Pujols. As for the the female athletes, there were more dropouts, including WNBA’s Candace Parker, golfer Annika Sorenstam,  figure skater Michelle Kwan and former tennis star Chris Evert.