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I don’t know if you heard about this incident, as it stirred some debate back in the States, but here’s some background:

A few weeks ago, NFL’s ¬†Dallas Cowboys ‘¬†rookie Dez Bryant refused to to go through the NFL’s rites of passage by carrying his veteran teammate Roy Williams’ shoulder pads during training camp. As you may not know, some of these things do not go unpunished.

How was Bryant punished? Let’s say he had to take his teammates out to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse for dinner. Well that is a huge team, with all the quarterbacks, recievers, etc…, so you are expecting Bryant to pay a huge bill. Well I don’t know what ‘huge’ is in your dictionaries, but I’d say $54,896 is a huge number, especially for a rookie NFL player. So what if he signed an $8.3 million dollar contract? That is still a lot of money.

That dinner tab sparked some debate on national news, and a few weeks later, Dez Bryant said that he found it funny. “It was always funny” said Bryant in his first public comments since the incident.

Reporters tried to stir some conflict by pinning Williams taking revenge from the rookie for not carrying his pads, but he denied so and claims to have a good relationship with Bryant.