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The Lost Symbol

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I had been waiting for Dan Brown’s highly anticipated book “The Lost Symbol” to come out in paperback for around a year and a half after its original release in hardcover.  The sight of the book tormented me every time I stepped into a bookstore, unable to find what I wanted. Yet a week ago, I finally got my hands on that edition and begin to read what turned out to be 600 pages worth of utter disappointment.

This time, we see Robert Langdon, renowned Harvard symbologist (which by the way does not exist in real life),  Brown’s main protagonist, in Washington D.C, trying to unlock the secrets of Freemasonry amidst the city’s architecture, art, and monuments to save his friend’s life, aided by an attractive, yet intelligent female, all while running away from the officials and the madman  who brought him there in the first place.

I won’t go into the whole plot-line, because you can easily find that online at Wikipedia or any other website, and they’re more informed than I am on that subject matter. (I still have to reread the book to get its full scope). Therefore, this post is about first and general impressions. (more…)

Maybe I’ve been watching too much Glee, but a lot of the songs that seem to stick to my head are either favorites that they show has covered or songs that I’ve discovered because of Rachel Berry and Co.
An example of the latter is Faithfully by Journey, which I seem to be singing to myself at every occasion. It’s one of the last songs performed in the first season, right at the Regionals competition, so it’s pretty symbolic. Plus, Glee seemingly have a strong relationship with Journey, choosing the show’s signature song to be Don’t Stop Believing, one of the band’s most popular tracks.

Frontiers: The album on which Faithfully was released

But the original song, is a timeless classic. Released in 1983, it’s a classic power ballad that’s had it’s fair share of abuse at weddings, but after hearing it, you’d understand why. Nevertheless, something about the song just keeps it fresh in your memory. I’m going to go ahead and pinpoint it to Steve Perry’s ability to carry the vocals to a place beyond reason. And it’s just beautiful.
But of course, a great voice needs great lyrics. While Faithfully doesn’t have the deepest of words, it’s sure enough to touch your heart. The general notion of the lyrics is a music-man singing to his beloved about being apart because he’s being forced to tour and how much he misses being with her, and of course being faithful, as the title suggests.
My favorite part of the song is right around the second verse, right before the chorus

And being apart ain’t easy
On this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy
Of rediscovering you
Oh girl, you stand by me
I’m forever yours…faithfully

I know several girls who would do anything to have these words dedicated to them, so this song will resonate more with the female crowd. Still, it’s a good listen for anyone whose looking for a romantic song.
I have included the videos to both versions so that you can choose what version is better. I’m personally inclined to the Journey one because of it being the original, however the Glee case sure does a great job at making it sound current.

Journey’s Version:
Glee Cast Version (Audio Only):