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Do you know how people always nag about recycling by telling students to throw unneeded paper in a box so they can recycle and to throw the Pepsi and Cola cans in special trash cans and recycling containers? Some people (ok, a lot of people) simply think that the recycling process may or may not go through.

Well check this out:

Result of recycling in China: 40-foot Optimus Prime

I know, Megan Fox isn’t going to be in the new Transformers, so everyone is saying there should be no reason to get all excited about a 40 foot pile of junk assembled in an amazing way. In Beijing the Chinese seem to disagree and find Optimus Prime very cool. This statue weighs six tons and is mostly made of car parts, including engines, bodies and tires.

This “Transformer” has been made supposedly to promote the recycling initiative “Green Dream”. Yet the “real” reason according to others is that the Chinese are competing with the Japanese, who recently reconstructed a 60-foot statue of Gundam (some metaseries of Japanese anime 😛 ) in honor of his 3oth anniversary.


The real reason Optimus Prime was created: To be protected from this Gundam

Battle anyone?