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We here at TnT are huge Eminem fans, even before he made his amazingly successful album Recovery. We have previously reviewed Love The Way You Lie and No Love, both great songs in their own right, as well as their status as chart-toppers. We are therefore a bit perplexed about his most recent collaborations that are not up to his usual standard.

The first is a Part Deux of Love the Way You Lie, which will be featured on Rihanna‘s latest (and most probably lame, boring, non-creative) album Loud. This news should come as no shock to anyone familiar with how the music industry functions. Apparently, the fiery redhead (yes, she doesn’t seem to be giving up that color anytime soon) Barbadian doesn’t. As reported by MTV News, she was shocked that Eminem wanted to a follow up to their smash duet. Rihanna, sweetheart, it’s very simple. Once you make a hit record that gets a lot of buzz generated (mainly because you have Megan Fox in the video), you want to ride out the success for as long as you can.  How could you not know that with all the success you’ve had? (more…)


Note: This is a special blog collaboration [SBC] by both Tom and Tal. Hope you enjoy 🙂 :

Eminem’s second music video of his new album Recovery was released last night.  Love the Way You Lie, which features Rihanna as well, is at top of the U.S. single charts for the third straight week.

With one of the hottest actresses out there, Megan Fox and Lost star Dominic Monaghan are the couple of focus in this video, where they are going through an abusive relationship as the video shows. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the music video is great but not as strong as the single’s lyrics depict. Inspired by Eminem’s relationship with his ex-wife Kim, according to Monaghan, a lot of domestic violence and abuse, prettified by sex images, takes place in addition to make-up sex. Fox and Monaghan’s characters are mostly shown in their motel room in addition to scenes shot in a supermarket, where Monaghan’s character steals a bottle of vodka and in a bar where he also attacks a guy talking to Fox’s character.  Meanwhile, Rihanna is shown singing in front of a burning house (assumed to be the couple’s place) and Eminem is rapping on a desolate field before eventually joining Rihanna.

Talk about just "all right" kissing for Monaghan

Rihanna, in an interview with Access Hollywood, said it was “something needed to be done” about recording the song, since it was something both her “and Eminem have experienced on different sides, different ends of the table.”

On an unrelated note, Dominic Monaghan said Megan Fox is an “all right kisser,” and tried not to cross the line with the brunette, as she just got married to actor Brian Austin Green. Monaghan enjoyed doing the video with Fox, as both got along well.

Megan Fox donated her music video fee to Sojourn House charity. (more…)