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Sounds like any other case in court that could possibly be thrown out, right?

Well, you are wrong. Read on to know what’s going on here.

Last week, a German court threw out a case of a 60 year old schoolteacher vs. her 16 year old pupil where the student allegedly tormented her teacher by…so many thoughts are going through your mind but it’s none of them..drawing rabbits on the blackboard!

Yeah, I was kind of laughing about this too, but this story gets interesting from here.

Apparently, the teacher has some ‘paralyzing fears’ of rabbits, according to The Local, a German newspaper. Witnesses saw the teacher running out of class crying after seeing the mere image of the rabbit on the blackboard.

Well, this isn’t the first time such a thing happens…to the teacher.

Look at her, it's good rabbits don't fear her (or do they?)

Two years ago, at another school, Marion V. took another student to court for similar reasons and reached a settlement that the pupil would never claim that the plaintiff “freaked out” when she saw an image of or heard the word ‘rabbit’.

Kim Pohl, the student involved in the most recent case, happened to be a student at the above mentioned school where Marion V. taught. Now we know how Pohl found out!

Pohl’s mother was really relieved with the court’s decision (no shit) and that her daughter has been suffering psychologically (yeah right, she probably couldn’t get any sleep at night) and that the case shouldn’t have been allowed to go so far (now that’s a shocker).

Just when you thought you saw enough in life…