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TnT has been in the blogosphere for around 4 months now and its success has been overwhelming, even though Tom and I don’t update it as much as we would like. This blog, along with two previous  failed attempts, have taught me what and what not to expect in this fascinating area. These are all found in list below. Enjoy 🙂

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1-  The starting phase will be the most exciting period in your blogging experience.

2- You will put a lot of effort into choosing a name, a theme, and writing an “About” section.

3- Your first post will usually be an explanatory/poetic piece in which you describe your dedication, passion, and/or wildly varying thoughts that you just have to express through a blog.  This is exemplified in my first post for TnT:  The Very First One

4- Your friends will begin to hate you because you keep “spamming” their Twitter timelines and Facebook homepages with your promoting activities.

5- You thanked your lucky stars when WordPress introduced Zementa and the sharing buttons.

6- Even though you’re a grammar nerd in reality, you don’t really care that much about that when typing up your posts. (It’s part of self-expression after all.) (more…)