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In an industry where success is a fleeting notion, a career spanning over forty years is a marvelous and incredulous feat, something that Germany’s own hard-rock band Scorpions can show off with much pride. Through the highs, lows, and changing times, the band has always managed to produce wisely crafted songs that are instantly classified as theme songs for generations. The group, who are best known for anthems such as “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” “Wind of Change,” and “Still Loving You,” return to the scene after a three year absence to deliver their final effort before retirement.

Cover of

Cover of Sting in the Tail

Entitled “Sting in the Tail,” the 17th studio album is an obvious return to what the band has come to be known for over the span of their careers and clearly honors the legacy and fan-base that Scorpions have established.

The album begins with the reflective and appropriately titled “Raised on Rock.” From the opening note, the lead guitarist hits every rock note known in history, to give off the 80s feel that fans of the genre are all too familiar with. The opening lyric “I was born in a hurricane” seemingly alludes to the band’s signature song “Rock You like a Hurricane.” With the addition of the talk-box and consecutive drum beats, the song becomes instantly catchy and starts off the farewell party with a bang.

The title track, though not as attractive as its predecessor, is given credit for the hard-rock musical arrangement that almost all rock bands of today seem to lack. The guitar solo is the best of the whole album. Thematically, the song is about a budding rock star on the road, chasing after his dream.

“Slave Me,” yet another rock song, deals with lust and the overall effect is established due to lead singer Klaus Meine’s distinct vocal and heavy accent. “Let’s Rock,” follows a similar effect.

The first power ballad is track number four, “The Good Die Young,” featuring Finnish singer Tarja Turunen on background vocals. Beginning as a slow ballad, the music slowly ascends to become a powerful rock melody that catches on immediately. The lyrics are reminiscent of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” as they deal with making the most out of life.

“No Limit” is perhaps the best hard-hitting song, musically, lyrically, and vocally. On this track, listeners are given the sense of accomplishing anything while the music is bound to make anyone get up and play air-guitar. (more…)

The second day of the basketball’s version of the World Cup continued with all teams playing, as Argentina, Brazil, France, Greece, Lithuania, Turkey, and the USA are perfect while Canada, Iran, Ivory Coast, Jordan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Tunisia are still searching for their first wins.

After outplaying Canada in their first game, Lebanon played France, who delivered an upset to the defending champs Spain a day before. The game was very close at the beginning, with both teams being uable to take control of the first quarter as it ended 22-20 for France. The second quarter was a completely different story, as France jumped on a 12-2 run before the game had to be stopped at the middle of that quarter in order to fix the basket that France’s Nicholas Batum dunked on. After more than 15 minutes of hiatus, the game resumed and Lebanon was held to only 8 points in that quarter, giving France a 42-28 lead at halftime. Jackson Vroman’s efforts in the third quarter weren’t enough to bring Lebanon closer as France’s bigs throughout the game dominated the boards and the inside game, frustrating the Lebanese, in addition to several referee errors that costed Lebanon important breaks to get back into the game, giving France an 86-59 win as both teams will have a bye day and will not play until Tuesday. Jackson Vroman had 19 points for Lebanon, with Matt Freije scoring 9 of his 11 points in the first 5:32 minutes, and Fadi El Khatib’s scoring production going down from the first game to 12 points. Meanwhile, France’s scoring was equally spread among its players, as Mickael Gelabale continued his great start in the tournament, leading France with 18 points, helped by Alain Koffi’s 17, Ian Mahimni’s 14 points and and 9 rebounds and Nando de Colo’s 14 points.

USA continued its strong start as a contender for the title, by defeating Slovenia 99-77 after having another great start for the game and managing to stay in control for the entire game. Yet the game’s score shouldn’t fool the audience, as the Americans believe that they aren’t fully ready yet. When star Kevin Durant was pulled out of the game in the 2nd quarter, the Slovenians managed to climb back in the game until he was reinserted later on. In 22 minutes only, Durant led his team with 22 points, and was helped with Rudy Gay’s 16 points and Kevin Love’s 10 points and 11 rebounds in 13 minutes. Bostjan Nachbar had 13 for Slovenia.

The longest game to yet take place in this World Cup was a double overtime game between Serbia and Germany, where the Germans managed to win their first game, as they are missing Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki, 82-81. Germany seemed to be on top for most of the game and even at the end, yet Serbia’s Aleksander Radic knocked down two three pointers in the final seconds to tie the game at 69 and enter OT #1. The first OT was really sloppy and defensive on both sides, as German guard Steffen Hamann scored Germany’s 4 points at the beginning, only to be tied by a 3 pointer and free throw with a minute left, to enter second OT tied at 73. The second overtime was a completely different story for the Germans, who managed to get a good lead and hung on till the final possesion for the first win. Jan-Hendrik Jagla had 22 points for Germany, while Kosta Perovic had 2o for Serbia.

Other results:

Jordan 65 – 79 Angola

Argentina 74 – 72 Australia

Croatia 75 – Iran 54

Brazil 80 – 65 Iran

China 83 – 73 Ivory Coast

Puerto Rico 80 – 83 Greece

Turkey 65 – 56 Russia

Lithuania 70 – 68 Canada

Spain 101 – New Zealand 84

Sounds like any other case in court that could possibly be thrown out, right?

Well, you are wrong. Read on to know what’s going on here.

Last week, a German court threw out a case of a 60 year old schoolteacher vs. her 16 year old pupil where the student allegedly tormented her teacher by…so many thoughts are going through your mind but it’s none of them..drawing rabbits on the blackboard!

Yeah, I was kind of laughing about this too, but this story gets interesting from here.

Apparently, the teacher has some ‘paralyzing fears’ of rabbits, according to The Local, a German newspaper. Witnesses saw the teacher running out of class crying after seeing the mere image of the rabbit on the blackboard.

Well, this isn’t the first time such a thing happens…to the teacher.

Look at her, it's good rabbits don't fear her (or do they?)

Two years ago, at another school, Marion V. took another student to court for similar reasons and reached a settlement that the pupil would never claim that the plaintiff “freaked out” when she saw an image of or heard the word ‘rabbit’.

Kim Pohl, the student involved in the most recent case, happened to be a student at the above mentioned school where Marion V. taught. Now we know how Pohl found out!

Pohl’s mother was really relieved with the court’s decision (no shit) and that her daughter has been suffering psychologically (yeah right, she probably couldn’t get any sleep at night) and that the case shouldn’t have been allowed to go so far (now that’s a shocker).

Just when you thought you saw enough in life…


As I type this post up, the whole world now knows that Spain have been crowned as World Champions, over the Netherlands, at the 19th edition of the FIFA World Cup, held in South Africa.
The whole world now knows that for a moment there, it really didn’t feel as though this was the very-much hyped final between two possible first-time winners.

Robben, one of the many recipients of a yellow card

As a matter of fact, the game was a race to see who would collect the most yellow-cards, a feat accomplished by the Dutch in the 120-minute game.
And after the whole world had accepted the fact that yet another World Cup would determined by penalty-shootouts, Andres Iniesta, the little Barcelona midfielder, worked his magic thanks to a pass from Cesc Fabregas, and ensured that the Spaniards would lift that glorious cup that evening.
But everyone knows that, and if you don’t, I suggest you read a sum-up right here You know, just in case it comes up in a conversation sometime this week.
And it will.
As many have established by now, no one gets caught up in World Cup fever the way the Lebanese do. All the buzz surrounding Paul the Octopus’ predictions pale in comparison to what’s been going on here.
The streets of Beirut have been decked out in other nations’ flags for around three months now.

One of many flag-sellers on the Lebanese streets

Wild enthusiasts have taken over Facebook and other social networking websites to show unyielding support for their team of choice. Fireworks have been blasted in the sky whenever a team won, or even lost, and celebration parties have gone on all night long. That’s not mentioning the most incredible ability that emerged this year: instantly organizing conveys that trekked most, if not all, the Lebanese roads.
And here’s something else.
The Lebanese are so passionate about football, that they have gone out of their way to create a non-existing rivalry between Brazil and Germany, and even raise their children upon that. In fact, if one of these teams loses, which happened to both this year, fans would rather support the team the entire world considers to be complete opposites, than cheer on the other of the two.
To everyone elsewhere in the world, the final was Netherlands versus Spain, but right here, it was the classic (Really?) Germany versus Brazil, decked in different kits.
Which brings me to my point.
Football is exciting. Rooting for a team and witnessing their triumphs is gratifying. Which is why I can understand this sort of behavior, to a certain extent, of course.
But this over-hyping fad just needs to go away, now, and the English are the greatest testament to its consequences.
I’m no expert on soccer, but last time I checked, Lebanon doesn’t even have its own national team that can compete along with the Brazilians and the Germans.
If we did, would we really stand behind them as we do for the others? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, no. No, because being patriotic is an awfully hard thing to do for us and we’d rather support anyone that doesn’t evoke memories of our own country.
I only wish that we receive some form of gratitude for all the support we pour in to those countries, like facilitating visa procedures, though that is a long shot.
The World Cup is over now, and won’t be back for another four years. During that time, only a quarter of those who tuned in for the “Mondial” will watch club matches, while the greater majority will remain in oblivion. It’s a sad, sad fact, but at least in the meanwhile, we can assume that nothing of what went on this past month has ever happened.

In what is known as the World Cup consolation game, Germany secured its second consecutive 3rd place in the World Cup by defeating Uruguay in an entertaining game 3-2, where the Europeans were playing without their stars, captain Phillip Lahm, strikers Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski, and goalkeeper Manual Neuer.

Thomas Muller, returning from a one game suspension, opened the scoring in the 19th minute after rebounding on saved shot by captain Bastian Schwienstiger. Muller is now currently tied with David Villa, Diego Forlan and Wesley Sneijder with 5 goals for lead scorer in the tournament.

In less than ten minutes, the South Americans came back into the game after Luis Suarez set up Edinsin Cavani in the left corner with a perfect pass, with the latter shooting the ball past the substitute goalkeeper.

Shortly after the second half began, specifically the 51st minute, Diego Forlan also increased his goal tally in the tournament to five goals by scoring on a beautiful volley after a cross by teammate Egidio Arevalo, where the ball bounced past goalkeeper Butt, who stood and watched the ball go in to give Uruguay a 2-1 lead.

“La Celeste” ‘s lead barely lasted for 5 minutes, Jerome Boateng set up a cross into the box, where the Uruguayan goalkeeper made another mistake as he came out of his goal to save it but missed, and the ball came perfect on Marcell Jansen’s head as he headed it into an empty goal, tying the game at 2-2.

As the game seemed to be heading into overtime miserably, Germany’s Mesut Ozil;s corner kick caused confusion in the Uruguayan area where it led to Sami Khedira heading the winning goal, his first goal of the tournament, securing the bronze medal for the Mannschaft, which is what they least deserved in this World Cup.

This ensures that this would be the second World cup in a row where the medal teams would all be Europeans, where the top 2 would be decided in an exciting clash between the Netherlands and Spain.

Muller's goal

Muller scoring the first goal of the game.

Many football fans were excited about this game since this would be the supposedly last chance for Miroslav Klose, 14 goals, to break the all-time record for goals scored in World Cups, which is 15 set by Brazil’s Ronaldo. Yet due to a back injury, Klose missed the game and a chance to break that record, although it seems that another German is on the path to break that record, Muller. The 20 year old German so far has 5 goals and is expected to play in at least 3 World Cups, giving him a great chance for setting a new record.

The Germans, whose expectations weren’t that good considering the youth and inexperience of the team and absence of captain Michael Ballack due to injury, had a very stellar performance throughout this World Cup, where they thrashed the Australians in their first game 4-1. In their second game of group-play, Miroslav Klose received two yellow cards in the span of 24 minutes to leave the Mannschaft down to ten players, eventually leading them to lose surprisingly to Serbia on a lone goal, putting the Germans’ on the verge of being knocked out. In their last game in the 1st round, the Germans managed to muster a 1-0 win against a defensive-oriented Ghana, helping them top Group D and staging a 2nd Round clash with their hated rivals, England, whom were surprisingly routed by the Germans in that game 4 – 1. Then came the Argentian side in the quarter finals, who were favored to win the World Cup after their strong display in their four games; yet once again, Die Mannschaft knocked the Albeceleste out in the second consecutive quarterfinals, however this time squashing them with four goals to nothing. This win set them up with the heavily favored Spanish, who beat the Germans two years ago in the Euro 2008 final on a lone goal, where two years later, the score would repeat itself, as Carles Puyol netted a header to win the game.

On the other hand, the Uruguayan team started their World Cup run by playing a goalless draw with the French, then they routed the hosts South Africa 3-0, and come on top of their group by defeating Mexico with one goal to nothing. Topping their group led to a clash with the South Koreans, whom they defeated with a late goal, that led to a score of 2-1. The win set them up with Africa’s last hope in the tournament, Ghana. Easily the wildest game in this World Cup, this game will be remembered for Luis Suarez’s controversial handsball in the last minute of extra time that saved them from incurring a goal, eventually leading to a penalty for the Black Stars that was missed and penalty shootout that saw the Uruguayans proceed to their first semi finals in a long time, facing the Dutch. This semi final was unlike the other and full of goals, yet the Celeste’s surprising run would end here with a loss of three goals to two.

The Germans’ future seems to be bright after this World Cup, as their young team has gained the necessary experience and had arguably had the performance in the World Cup despite their frustrating loss to Spain in the semis. Uruguay on the other hand would not have their star Forlan, as he would turn 35 for the 2014 World Cup, but Luis Suarez would be the heart of the team as he would be expected to hit his prime.