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[Important Note: If you’re of the conservative or sensitive type and still haven’t heard the song (good for you!), I wouldn’t suggest you watch the video at the end of this post.]

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One day after Rihanna took her Twitter to announce that she would collaborate with non-other than pop princess,  Britney Spears, a remix of RiRi’s international hit S&M popped up on YouTube, and I’m sure many people’s fantasies just came true (especially considering how Spears has perfected the art of moaning through most of her songs).

The tune, an ode to everything sadomasochism, is not for the faint-hearted or the conservative. The original version has been playing on the radio for a while, even though in the UK the title had to be changed to the refrain “Come On” to make it less shocking.

Though named as a “remix,” there isn’t much change in this edition. The opening beats and synths are slightly changed and the the “na na na come on”s are stronger and more forceful because there’s two voices getting them out there. The alternation of which performer sings what part is definitely very-well thought out and just adds to the intensity of the whole thing.

The second verse of the song though gets the most significant update as the lyrics are changed to “just one night full of sin, feel the pain on your skin, to promise me mercy, it’s your turn to hurt me. If I’m bad, tie my down, shut me up, […] cause the pain is my pleasure, nothing comes better.” This is most probably because Britney does the singing here and her vocals are not as high as Rihanna, or they just felt like changing things for this new release.

I am not going to comment on the overall lyrics and message because I don’t find this song to be representative of what music should be nor do I like Rihanna, especially after she went all pixie-cut and transformed her R&B style to pure club-pop. It’s a pure exploration of fantasies but should not be as commercially spread as it is right now because it caters to a small population. Plus, imagine your little sister singing that song while she doesn’t understand the lyrics!

But do I like Britney and Rihanna duetting?

Of course I do!

It’s a match made in pop music heaven!  Spears is certainly a hot commodity right now with two new singles and an album, Femme Fattale, topping the charts and receiving much critical acclaim. Rihanna, on the other hand, has been riding out the success of 2010’s smash collaboration with Eminem, though her album Loud has not been up to par.

So this music fan right here is hoping that the two get together really soon and make something from scratch because if they were individually able to take the music world by storm, there’s no end to what they could do together!

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We here at TnT are huge Eminem fans, even before he made his amazingly successful album Recovery. We have previously reviewed Love The Way You Lie and No Love, both great songs in their own right, as well as their status as chart-toppers. We are therefore a bit perplexed about his most recent collaborations that are not up to his usual standard.

The first is a Part Deux of Love the Way You Lie, which will be featured on Rihanna‘s latest (and most probably lame, boring, non-creative) album Loud. This news should come as no shock to anyone familiar with how the music industry functions. Apparently, the fiery redhead (yes, she doesn’t seem to be giving up that color anytime soon) Barbadian doesn’t. As reported by MTV News, she was shocked that Eminem wanted to a follow up to their smash duet. Rihanna, sweetheart, it’s very simple. Once you make a hit record that gets a lot of buzz generated (mainly because you have Megan Fox in the video), you want to ride out the success for as long as you can.  How could you not know that with all the success you’ve had? (more…)

As you all know, Eminem’s third music video off his latest album Recovery has been released 10 days ago. As was the second single, it was also a collaboration. This time, his latest song is No Love, featuring Lil Wayne. This is the second single they do together, after Drop The World on Lil Wayne’s album Rebirth. No Love was released on Eminem’s VEVO channel on YouTube 9:30 PM EST on the last day of September. It has been released officially as Eminem’s third single on October 5th.

The  music video starts off with a young schoolkid having three balls thrown at by three kids in the school gym, which pretty much sets the tone and theme of the music video. Lil Wayne starts off with his impressive rap verse, which was recorded before he got sent to prison, including ending a memorable “You can keep knocking/ won’t knock me down/ no love lost/ no love found”, where at this stage the bullied boy is moaning the fact that his cap was placed in the toilet and at this moment you can feel the momentum is all about to change because…

EMINEM’s verse comes up and as he starts, you can just feel that turnaround coming up and sense that the bullied kid is going to just kick the fucking shit out of those 3 bullies, especially after the scene where the step dad doesn’t seem to give two shits that his kid got punched in the eye. As Eminem’s rapping goes on, you get pumped up as much he is and just wondering when the hell is this kid going to beat the crap out of those three. And then the moment comes, where his skateboard is out of the way, and he punches the first kid, shoves the second and punches the third to set the record straight.

A lot of people seem to think that Eminem is trying to promote fighting in this music video (after all, everyone thinks he is no Mr. Nice Guy). As his Love the Way You Lie music video was bringing light to the effects of domestic violence, Eminem is sending a message about bullying and that you must stand up for yourself and fight only if you need to, as the case of the bullied boy. After all, would you like to see any of your kid being in that situation.

If you listen to Eminem’s verse carefully, you’d notice that he is ready to get the crown back (although he never really lost it, come to think of it) when he says “I ain’t never giving in again / Caution to the wind / Complete freedom / Look at these rappers, how I treat ‘em / So why the fuck would I join ‘em, when I beat ‘em?” And seriously, it was about time someone used that “Imma let you finish” quote in a rap verse. Who other than Eminem would be perfect to use Kanye’s infamous statement of intervention?

Overall, the song was easily one of the best on Recovery and the music video seems to fit the song to show that despite Eminem’s disappearance, he is not letting down his fans nor giving up what he does best that easy. The music video is as of great quality as Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie. Expect this single to last on the air and gain popularity as much as Love the Way You Lie, since you have two big mainstream artists collaborating on a great song.


Ever since TnT has started, I’ve been doing reviews of songs that are either newly released or that I’ve recently discovered. I’ve realized however that I’ve never shared the songs that I cannot get over no matter how old they get. Then a prompt I found on Plinky really set this in motion and so these are the three songs that no matter what happens, I cannot remove from my iPod or stop singing to myself.

  1. Truly, Madly, DeeplySavage Garden (1997)

Off their debut self-titled album, this song cemented the Australian two-man band’s fame and presence in the pop music world, mainly because the song’s lyrics and melody struck a chord with almost all listeners across all generations. It doesn’t hurt either that its success can still be felt thirteen years after it’s release. You can’t help but swoon over the lyrics that Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones wrote, Hayes’s smooth voice, appropriate for this type of slow, romantic song, or the beautiful musical orchestration. With this song, the band played their cards right, even going as far to shoot two videos, the most popular of which in Paris, France, because accordingly it’s the most romantic city in the world. All these elements have made it my ultimate favorite song, and besides, what girl would not like to be at the receiving end of the following lines? (more…)

Note: This is a special blog collaboration [SBC] by both Tom and Tal. Hope you enjoy 🙂 :

Eminem’s second music video of his new album Recovery was released last night.  Love the Way You Lie, which features Rihanna as well, is at top of the U.S. single charts for the third straight week.

With one of the hottest actresses out there, Megan Fox and Lost star Dominic Monaghan are the couple of focus in this video, where they are going through an abusive relationship as the video shows. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the music video is great but not as strong as the single’s lyrics depict. Inspired by Eminem’s relationship with his ex-wife Kim, according to Monaghan, a lot of domestic violence and abuse, prettified by sex images, takes place in addition to make-up sex. Fox and Monaghan’s characters are mostly shown in their motel room in addition to scenes shot in a supermarket, where Monaghan’s character steals a bottle of vodka and in a bar where he also attacks a guy talking to Fox’s character.  Meanwhile, Rihanna is shown singing in front of a burning house (assumed to be the couple’s place) and Eminem is rapping on a desolate field before eventually joining Rihanna.

Talk about just "all right" kissing for Monaghan

Rihanna, in an interview with Access Hollywood, said it was “something needed to be done” about recording the song, since it was something both her “and Eminem have experienced on different sides, different ends of the table.”

On an unrelated note, Dominic Monaghan said Megan Fox is an “all right kisser,” and tried not to cross the line with the brunette, as she just got married to actor Brian Austin Green. Monaghan enjoyed doing the video with Fox, as both got along well.

Megan Fox donated her music video fee to Sojourn House charity. (more…)