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Remember when the Black Eyed Peas used to be the hottest thing in hip-hop? I do. Their debut album Elephant was great because it

Black Eyed Peas performing.

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gave us a memorable song by the name of  Where Is the Love? The song combined a fresh style with socially-conscious lyrics that made people re-evaluate the world they were living in, all in 4 or so minutes. The band, as is known, continued to be successful despite allegations of them plagarizing almost all their hits from other sources. Somewhere along the line, though, they went from being all about hip-hop into David Guetta‘s dream-project, as demonstrated by their last album The E.N.D, where their most successful song, at least in this country, I Gotta Feeling was produced by said person. So, bye bye hip-hop, and hello really cliche electronic music.

Well, they’re doing it again with this month’s release of *drum roll please, because really this is going to be a surprise* The Beginning, which judging by the album’s first single is going to be very, very much like it’s predesecor.

So let’s talk about that single, The Time (Dirty Bit) which is set to be released as a single just four days before the album (Really now? Smart marketing move BEP). (more…)

David Beckham is known for many things: his football skills, his luscious hair, his numerous brand endorsements, and former pop-star wife (who could use a few kilos). He can now add LEGO supporter to that list. Yes, you read right. LEGO, those little building blocks that we used to play with as kids and which to some people are an obsession. Well, I wouldn’t blame them, LEGOs are a great, cheap way to unleash your creativity and be entertained for hours on end.

LEGOs Number 1 Fan

Well, now one of the biggest footballers in the world has admitted that if he had not gone into his current career path, he would’ve been *gasp* a professional LEGO builder. Really? Now that’s one full-time job I’d gladly apply for if job hunting in my field doesn’t bode well, no matter what the pay is.
Of course in our world, if a celebrity, no matter what the field is, endorses something or states his/her passion for it, it becomes an instant bestseller over night. Such is the case for one of the most expensive and extensive box sets that LEGO has ever produced, the Taj Mahal. Yes, that huge tomb in India can be recreated in LEGO 😀
Turns out, Becks started building one but gave up on it when he got injured while at Milan. Now, and after his proclamation, sales for this particular set have gone up, get this, 633 PERCENT in one single day. Wow. I wish all those who bought the sets much luck and patience as they attempt to get through all the pieces and instructions.
But I’m not really surprised. Becks could get behind a piece of celery and make it seem like the most exciting thing ever.

One of the biggest Pepsi ads ever made

This is definitely one the biggest rise in sales that I have come across though there have been many of the case, like when supermodel Kate Moss designed a line for the famous English brand Topshop or when Micheal Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, and others got behind Pepsi.
So, the morale of the whole story is that if you have a product you desperately want to sell, just get the nearest, biggest celebrity and just sit back and watch the product fly off the shelves.
Note: The above-mentioned step is not fail-proof. Example: Madonna and Pepsi (Google it, it’s highly interesting)