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The trend is now moving forward, with everything being done in 3-D.

When’s the last time you watched a movie that was NOT in three dimensions?

Well, some things never change..for the moment.

You gotta love Miyamoto. Funny dude. And smart.

Although they will be releasing the handheld console Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo legend Miyamoto said in an interview to CrunchGear that 2D fans have nothing to worry about as the new Nintendo Wii won’t be released in 3D.

The reason why it won’t be released in three dimensions is because, unlike the 3DS, a lot of special equipment would be required for the 3D Wii, including a three dimensional television, which isn’t really popular in homes.

So yes, 2D fans, your new Nintendo Wii will still be within those two dimensions. You can breathe.