LA LAKERS 3- 2 New Orleans Hornets [VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Posterizes Emeka Okafor with Crazy Dunk]

Posted: 27/04/2011 by Joe in A Bit of Basketball
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Kobe Bean Bryant just turned that clock back to 2001 and that number 8 jersey and just banged the shit out of Emeka Okafor with that dunk (and the win of course).

Anyone still doubting the Black Mamba?

  1. fnf25 says:

    @ Tom
    well said man, i agree on most of your points. but i stil doubt fisher will be able to keep up with all the pick and rolls…Phil found a way to get it done in the last 2 games in the hornets series but the execution by dallas is much better…

    i think the key factor is like you said, when jasson terry ana JJ” i get into the lane even thought im short as hell” Bareah come into the game , will steve blake shannon and barnes be up for the challenge? they struggled in the first series we will have to see what they can do in the scnd…

    Dirk amazes me, i mean i think he is the best player ever in the playoffs that cant get it done. for some reason his team never gets a break the guy plays well gives it his all but still falls short…crazy. and he will again against the lakers…

    im keeping a close eye on how Rick Carlieh is goin to make his team defend the triangle…he wont go zone on us since he has the length but he also wont settle for regualr man to man matchup im thinking he will mix it up a bit from 1-2-2 defnese to some Monty Williams full court make fisher cough up defense…thats there only hope…ima stick to my first call of a 7 game series with the lakers coming out on top…

    • Tom says:

      I don’t think they just can match up with the Lakers. The Lakers are too good for the Mavs, unless Kobe is in a really bad condition and the frontline plays like it did in Game 1 of the Hornets series.
      Other series: Memphis in 7 – Boston in 7 – Chicago in 5

      • fnf25 says:

        mmm i will go with memphis is 6 – boston in 6 and ima hold my thoughts on the chicago series until i watch tonights game,,,the biggest blow i that hirich maybe the best perimerer defender this league has is out, and Jeff teague who onlye played 6 min the entire 1st round is in…neither can stop rose but one of em can give him a harder time…so i will wait and see what will break out tonight…

      • Tom says:

        I would’ve gave Atlanta a chance, but the fact that Hinrich is out sort of kills anything they got. Crawford can win them a game at the buzzer maybe, but that’s about it.
        I think OKC will find a solution for Randolph eventually, but he’s just too good to not win this series. But this is going to be one long series.
        As for Boston, they’re going to go at each other till death, and as long as LeBron gets the ball at the end, Miami will lose. I think Boston are going to make sure that happens. I still though give it 7 games for Boston to win this, although 6 sounds reasonable if they are able to win Game 2 in Miami.

      • fnf25 says:

        yeah true!
        you see one thing that kills D rose ,,, is rotation defense. when you got players like Josh Smith and AL rotatiing to block shots D rose finds it harder to do his thing..that provided the man gaurding him gives him a fight,..and i think that teague will to prove he is worthy and that he is better then his upcoming star brother who didnt declare for the draft( very smart move considering lockout) …
        about boston i think they will win this won if they dont then yeah 7 games ofcourse but they will,…its a fight these too teams do not like each other …and tell me is there a better coach then Doc who finds ways to stop top players…take last year…he didnt stop wade he gave him all he wanted but made sure his teammates where out of it…he then had howard and he stoped him and then had lebron and stop the hell outa him( bruised elbow or not ima go with dan gilbert on this one)

        so they will stop miami but they have to win this one…
        as for memphis randolph said today ” perkins is too slow to gaurd me” although cocky he is right. and i thought thay will only win if durant has a bad game, well Rayan Hollins came with the smart apprach he said let westbrook decide the game..and although he is a good player OKC are minus 9 with him on the court and a plus 3 with him off in this series..he is making allot of bad decisions..and its working for memphis…also give credit to Tony Allen for making durant really work to get the ball….

  2. fnf25 says:

    i’ve been a laker fan since the hornets gave up Kobe in the draft for divac, but the truth must be said. if we play any where near how we played in the first round, we are goin to be fishng with Ty lawson and Caremelo Anthony. Kobe is limping now and even though he said he is ready to go the Zen master begs to differ and says its not going to be easy to get him to play a solid 40 min. we struggled allot with the PNR with chris paul running the show. and although Kidd isnt as savy or quick he finds way to hit the open man and if kobe is goin to remain a roamer and not stay home on his man(mainly the jet)..kidd will destroy us. the upside is the Lakers closed out the series pretty well, they should a little bit of there old form and Gasol was more involoved . we can argue all we want that Kobe is the main man but at the end of the day its the twin towers down low that make us such a tough matchup. one key thing to watch here, how will Phil manege the min. between Lamar Kardashian and Pau , i mean who will give Dirk more problems on both ends to me i would have to say it would be LO cause he is faster and still got length to keep up with the German. and with bynum playing at the level he is its goin to be harder for Phil to take him out and put LO and Pau in the game a whole lot together through out the series..Another thing to the lakers advantage. Caron Butler, he aint playing and well he was teammates with kobe and knows him real well and is a great on ball defender ,with tyson chandler being a great rotation defender helping out it was going to be tough for him to have a gd series, the matrix has lost a step but still will give KB problems… thing we can say for sure…7 games really makes sense right about now

    • Tom says:

      I like how you see the series will play out. Let me put it out in simpler terms.
      Despite being one of the best 4th quarter players this league has, I think Dirk is going to choke eventually in some of the games.
      There are some games Kobe is going to play 40 minutes, other games he won’t. I hope the majority will be below 40 though.
      I don’t see anyone giving him problems, not even The Matrix himself.
      As much as I love Kidd, I see him doing some stuff like the Portland series, but it’s going to be pretty fruitless. Fisher eventually is going to step up his game.
      The Triple Towers of the Lakers are going to split minutes equally, and I have a feeling that Bynum will dominate Chandler, and that Gasol can keep up with Dirk. Kardashian is the X-Factor here, as well as Ron Artest, where both are putting up decent numbers.
      The most important thing is the bench. If the Lakers bench can’t put up consistent good numbers, this series should be a piece of cake for the Lakers.
      Lakers in 6 tops.

  3. kunde says:

    Lots of excellent reading here, thank you! I was checking on yahoo when I uncovered your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to much more from you.

  4. stanley mah says:

    are u kidding me kobe doesn’t not what prime is 32. i’ll be dunking on blockers. what a bitch i hope those Nola fans buy that poster of Emeka.

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