Eminem Stumbles In “Love The Way You Lie-Part 2” with Rihanna and “Romans Revenge” with Nicki Minaj

Posted: 03/11/2010 by TK in Can't Get It Out of Your Head
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We here at TnT are huge Eminem fans, even before he made his amazingly successful album Recovery. We have previously reviewed Love The Way You Lie and No Love, both great songs in their own right, as well as their status as chart-toppers. We are therefore a bit perplexed about his most recent collaborations that are not up to his usual standard.

The first is a Part Deux of Love the Way You Lie, which will be featured on Rihanna‘s latest (and most probably lame, boring, non-creative) album Loud. This news should come as no shock to anyone familiar with how the music industry functions. Apparently, the fiery redhead (yes, she doesn’t seem to be giving up that color anytime soon) Barbadian doesn’t. As reported by MTV News, she was shocked that Eminem wanted to a follow up to their smash duet. Rihanna, sweetheart, it’s very simple. Once you make a hit record that gets a lot of buzz generated (mainly because you have Megan Fox in the video), you want to ride out the success for as long as you can.  How could you not know that with all the success you’ve had?

Since it’s going on RiRi’s album, the song is from her perspective- actually so much that Eminem isn’t heard until the fourth minute, for a good minute or so (though it’s a really great minute of his rapping), before disappearing completely. I am not a proponent of the Rihanna overload. I was quite content that she doesn’t do anything in Part One but sing the sensational chorus. She was used as a marketing ploy after all.

The lyrics aren’t half as bad as you’d expect them to be, but its predecessor resonated more with those who have gone through domestic violence, primarily because Eminem had such strong emotions infused into it. Rihanna in this song, just sounds like reading the lyrics off a paper, trying to hit a screechy high not every here and there. Also, the song has been given a more pop-ish sound, but tha’ts not a great step either.

My final verdict? This song can’t stand on its on, unlike an earlier song Eminem was featured on, B.o.B’s Airplanes.

There’s also a new collaboration, Romans’ Revenge with Nicki Minaj, who seems to be all the rage in Hip-hop at the moment. I am not that knowledgeable in this area, but I just don’t like her. Also Eminem isn’t as strong as he usually is. My thoughts are that he’s a hot commodity at the moment and everyone wants him to be on their tracks to generate as much buzz, success, and sales as humanly possible. 


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