Eminem Shows “No Love” in His New Music Video with Lil Wayne

Posted: 10/10/2010 by Joe in Video Killed the Radio Star
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As you all know, Eminem’s third music video off his latest album Recovery has been released 10 days ago. As was the second single, it was also a collaboration. This time, his latest song is No Love, featuring Lil Wayne. This is the second single they do together, after Drop The World on Lil Wayne’s album Rebirth. No Love was released on Eminem’s VEVO channel on YouTube 9:30 PM EST on the last day of September. It has been released officially as Eminem’s third single on October 5th.

The  music video starts off with a young schoolkid having three balls thrown at by three kids in the school gym, which pretty much sets the tone and theme of the music video. Lil Wayne starts off with his impressive rap verse, which was recorded before he got sent to prison, including ending a memorable “You can keep knocking/ won’t knock me down/ no love lost/ no love found”, where at this stage the bullied boy is moaning the fact that his cap was placed in the toilet and at this moment you can feel the momentum is all about to change because…

EMINEM’s verse comes up and as he starts, you can just feel that turnaround coming up and sense that the bullied kid is going to just kick the fucking shit out of those 3 bullies, especially after the scene where the step dad doesn’t seem to give two shits that his kid got punched in the eye. As Eminem’s rapping goes on, you get pumped up as much he is and just wondering when the hell is this kid going to beat the crap out of those three. And then the moment comes, where his skateboard is out of the way, and he punches the first kid, shoves the second and punches the third to set the record straight.

A lot of people seem to think that Eminem is trying to promote fighting in this music video (after all, everyone thinks he is no Mr. Nice Guy). As his Love the Way You Lie music video was bringing light to the effects of domestic violence, Eminem is sending a message about bullying and that you must stand up for yourself and fight only if you need to, as the case of the bullied boy. After all, would you like to see any of your kid being in that situation.

If you listen to Eminem’s verse carefully, you’d notice that he is ready to get the crown back (although he never really lost it, come to think of it) when he says “I ain’t never giving in again / Caution to the wind / Complete freedom / Look at these rappers, how I treat ‘em / So why the fuck would I join ‘em, when I beat ‘em?” And seriously, it was about time someone used that “Imma let you finish” quote in a rap verse. Who other than Eminem would be perfect to use Kanye’s infamous statement of intervention?

Overall, the song was easily one of the best on Recovery and the music video seems to fit the song to show that despite Eminem’s disappearance, he is not letting down his fans nor giving up what he does best that easy. The music video is as of great quality as Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie. Expect this single to last on the air and gain popularity as much as Love the Way You Lie, since you have two big mainstream artists collaborating on a great song.


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