American University of Beirut

That They May Have Life and Have It More Abundantly

After spending the best two years of my life at the American Univeristy of Beirut, majoring in Environmental Health and being involved in so many extracirculars, I will be graduating in June- something I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about. I recently wrote an Op-Ed for Outlook, AUB‘s Official Student Newspaper about my experiences and this post is based on that piece. I’m certain that in the coming months, I’ll have more to add as my undergraduate years come to a close. Here they are in no particular order.

You will:

  • Overnight on projects that will only count for 10% of your final grade
  • study at Jafet, no matter how much you try to resist the idea.
  • Take some classes that are going to very interesting. Others will just make you wonder what the hell you’re doing there.
  • Drink coffee, chew gum, text, BBM, and fall asleep sitting up in class.
  • Pronounce Bathish in the most American accent only to find out its Lebanese.
  • Join some clubs even if they don’t appeal to your interests.
  • Go to events just because there’s a reception afterwards.
  • Run from upper to lower campus under the pouring rain, carrying two bags, an ineffective umbrella, and wearing the wrong shoes for the season.
  • Take advice from random strangers and dispense it on others.
  • Make friends that you will never see anymore.
  • Meet people in the weirdest of ways.
  • Have trouble with registration.
  • American University of Beirut Campus

    Image via Wikipedia

    Wait anxiously for your grades to come out on AUBsis

  • Learn how to load a printer and a photocopier.
  • Try all the restaurants along Bliss Street and probably do have a favorite.
  • Wait for the Opening Ceremony and Founder’s Day so you can have that extra hour off.
  • Try to do as much as possible in your one-hour break if you’re really overworked
  • Intentionally stay after classes to hang out with your friends.
  • Bring more things than you need for the day.
  • Plan to go to Hostler Center to work out but somehow the “circumstances” won’t allow it.
  • Learn that plagiarism is to be avoided like the plague but will still let someone else pass the test for you.
  • Probably decide to take a minor.
  • Abuse your internet quota by watching YouTube video.
  • Learn to ignore the cats, even when they’re sharing your food.
  • Understand that the “This Campus Is Breathtaking” is a reality and not just a marketing line.
  • Appreciate the journey.
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