Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem Make No “Mistake” On Latest Collaboration

Posted: 12/09/2010 by TK in Can't Get It Out of Your Head, Video Killed the Radio Star
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Single Cover

In 2005, Australian songstress Delta Goodrem paired with former Westlife member Brian McFadden to release Almost Here, a sort-of-ballad, that managed to do considerably well in the countries where it was released. The song, however,

would only mark the start of Goodrem and McFadden’s professional and personal (the two are engaged to be married) collaboration. After writing Together We Are One, a song Goodrem performed at the Opening Ceremony of the  Commonwealth Games in 2006, they went on to write several songs for Goodrem’s third album Delta. 

Now in 2010, McFadden has released his third solo album, entitled Wall of Soundz, a distinctly electro-pop offering that diverts from what he’s been known to offer. Despite that, the third single,  from the album, Mistakes featuring his leading lady, should not be missed.

Driven by a piano melody (most probably courtesy of Delta), the song is pretty straightforward, telling the story of a man (or a woman) who keeps making the same mistake-even without realizing- of loving a person and giving them chances, despite the torment and turmoil the relationship goes through. The most notable lyrics are as follows:

My first mistake was loving you,
My worst mistake was giving you a second chance,
Cause you tore me up and you called it love,
You made a fool out of me,
My last mistake was thinking I won’t make the same mistake again

McFadden sings most of the lyrics, but Goodrem does cut in at just the right moments, especially at the chorus, and provides backing vocals. Much like in Almost Here, this arrangement is a good thing instead of partitioning the song, and having it be from two perspectives.

There’s also the mater of the hilarious video, that pits the two against each other for most of the clip. Despite it being fast-paced, you can catch up to the events, as you laugh, and even cringe at the acts they both commit, such as Brian running a chainsaw through Delta’s piano, microwaving her teddy bear, Delta smashing Brian’s prized platinum record with merely an Oops look on her face, or putting his watch in the blender. The one thing I don’t like about the clip is McFadden’s hair and Delta’s dress, which seems inappropriate for the occasion.

Regardless, Mistakes is a great track and one of the album’s highlights. I expect it to do well on the charts in countries where the two artists have a large fan base.


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