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Cover of Handle with Care: A Novel

The critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling author, (and also my favorite author) Jodi Picolut, the mastermind behind books including “My Sister’s Keeper,” returns onto the literary scene with the captivating and incredibly touching “Handle With Care.”

The book tells the tale of Charlotte and Sean O’Keefe, who are blessed with two daughters the pre-adolescent Amelia, and five-year old Willow.  Now, while this may depict a typical family, the O’ Keefes are far from normalcy, as Willow suffers from a rare bone diseases known as Osteogensis Imperfecta (OI). This means that because Willow’s bones are so susceptible, a simple move can lead to a painful and, sometimes, nearly impossible fracture all over her body. It is because of Willow’s condition that the O’Keefes find themselves facing financial problems and the fake-sympathy of people, all while trying to provide their daughter with the best life possible given her special needs.

A trip to Disneyland and the subsequent events, however, are what set the story into action. After Willow sustains a break at the amusement park, her parents are accused of child abuse-as OI is a very rare and unknown condition-and are taken down to the precinct to undergo investigation, Sean, a cop himself, finds this incident humiliating and decides to sue Disneyland once he returns home to New Hampshire. (more…)