This Is Them: Backstreet Boys’ Track Stands Out

Posted: 14/08/2010 by TK in Can't Get It Out of Your Head
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Backstreet Boys being their awesome selves.

Backstreet Boys after becoming a quartet

I’ve been partial to the music of the Backstreet Boys ever since I was around 8 years old, and their album Millennium was on top of the charts everywhere. I have fond memories of attempting to do the choreography of Larger Than Life and Everybody without much success.

Eleven years later, I’m still listening to their music even though they’re well past their heyday. The Boys have grown up, gotten married, their dance moves are a bit rusty, lost one member, and generally (and sadly) failed to duplicate the success they had in the 90s. What they do have however, is a fanbase that refuses to admit all of the above, therefore they are still on the scene.

In October 2009, they presented the world with This Is Us, their 7th worldwide studio album, and their second without member Kevin Richardson. They called it a return to form, I called it an attempt to be current in a market that is ever so changing. And that’s coming from a true and tired fan. Even though I’ve played the tracks over and over, there isn’t anything remarkable about this effort, so you won’t appreciate it unless you are a fan of the boys.

This Is Us (Backstreet Boys album)

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There is one song that stands out for me, however, which is the title track This is Us. It’s right up their alley of pop ballads about being faithful and loving and all that- a smart move because the group’s fanbase is 99.99% female.  The vocals of the four remaining members are harmonious and each guy is given a chance to sing lead vocals on a verse or so.

It is mainly a guitar-based song, interlaced with some piano melodies, and of course the harmonies I talked about earlier, and really, really simple lyrics. I mean repeating the words “this is us” around 4 times followed by “this is love” twice could hardly qualify as challenging, but it’s the song’s chorus.

If you’re looking for something sentimental and sweet, possibly to woo your love interest (if you’re a man), I highly recommend this song. It’s catchy to say the least.

Since it’s strictly an album track, there’s no video to discuss, but I’ve included the audio-only version for your listening enjoyment.

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  1. Marianna says:

    I love the track This Is Us. But it sounds even better live. Watching Nick it THAT note and hold it and hold it sends shivers down my spine-and it gets the screams louder and louder the longer he holds it. Inspiring.

    • Tal says:

      I tried finding a clear live version on Youtube but I couldn’t 😦 The song is by far one of my most favorite even though I didn’t like the album much.
      You are so lucky to have watched that moment. I can only imagine how mind-blowing it must’ve been!

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