Note: This is a special blog collaboration [SBC] by both Tom and Tal. Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚ :

Eminem’s second music video of his new album Recovery was released last night.Β  Love the Way You Lie, which features Rihanna as well, is at top of the U.S. single charts for the third straight week.

With one of the hottest actresses out there, Megan Fox and Lost star Dominic Monaghan are the couple of focus in this video, where they are going through an abusive relationship as the video shows. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the music video is great but not as strong as the single’s lyrics depict. Inspired by Eminem’s relationship with his ex-wife Kim, according to Monaghan, a lot of domestic violence and abuse, prettified by sex images, takes place in addition to make-up sex. Fox and Monaghan’s characters are mostly shown in their motel room in addition to scenes shot in a supermarket, where Monaghan’s character steals a bottle of vodka and in a bar where he also attacks a guy talking to Fox’s character.Β  Meanwhile, Rihanna is shown singing in front of a burning house (assumed to be the couple’s place) and Eminem is rapping on a desolate field before eventually joining Rihanna.

Talk about just "all right" kissing for Monaghan

Rihanna, in an interview with Access Hollywood, said it was “something needed to be done” about recording the song, since it was something both her “and Eminem have experienced on different sides, different ends of the table.”

On an unrelated note, Dominic Monaghan said Megan Fox is an “all right kisser,” and tried not to cross the line with the brunette, as she just got married to actor Brian Austin Green. Monaghan enjoyed doing the video with Fox, as both got along well.

Megan Fox donated her music video fee to Sojourn House charity.

Here’s what we liked and disliked about the video for Love the Way You Lie.


  • Rihanna’s hair color: Remember the days when RiRi had absolutely luscious shiny brown locks that almost every girl wanted? Well, they’re long gone. For this video, her hair is in her now trademark pixie-cut but in a fiery red color. Who knows, maybe it was intentional so that she could blend in with the erupting flames in the background.
  • Eminem rapping in a field: For the first half of the video, we see scenes of the couple arguing and subsequently making up and then again cut with scenes of Em rapping in a field, which makes no sense at all and has nothing to do with the concept of the video. Plus the album Recovery is much more serious than anything he’s ever done, so it was expected he would up it up a notch for this clip. We also don’t like his hair, but it isΒ  still better than his fellow vocalist.
  • Megan Fox: Tal doesn”t like her.Β  At all. Never has. Never will . The only reason she’s in this video is because she’s the perfect marketing strategy for an already wildly popular song. And because she looks like she’s been doing all those make-out scenes all her life.
  • Unclear Sequencing. So they’re in bed together, then they’re fighting, then they’re making up, then we go back to their past, then back to some kissing and whatever, and then the house erupts in flames, all while Rihanna and Eminem look like they’re having the time of their lives shooting the video. We don’t know about you, but we were confused.
  • It was supposed to be about domestic violence. Instead, we only see fragments of that. The rest is Megan Fox looking hot, Eminem having serious placement issues, Rihanna in a not-so-appropriate outfit,and Dominic Monaghan feeling helpless and angry. The very serious issue doesn’t come into full-scope here, which is sad really, because this is a very powerful song and its video could have been executed better.

Three weeks straight on the top


  • The video and the song go hand in hand. We absolutely hate songs which have video clips unrelated to its context (Ahem, Lady Gaga). But Love the Way You Lie follows the play-by-play of the song, just like you could have imagined it when the song first came out.
  • Rihanna and Eminem are the perfect musical pairing. We admire the fact that both appeared in the video for the song, meaning that they’re both dedicated to promoting it. But what we like the most is that their vocals blend in so easily, despite Rihanna being limited to sing a couple of verses over and over again. It reminds us of when Dido and Em collaborated on the 2000 smash song Stan.
  • Megan Fox serves a purpose. And doesn’t open her mouth. She’s there to make the video look hot and make out with Monaghan, in which she succeeds perfectly. Plus, having no speaking parts in this video means that she won’t impart any of her wisdom upon us.
  • Similarities between the leading man and the leading vocalist. In this video, Monaghan draws a lot of comparisons to Em himself mainly due to him being decked out in a white tank-top, having tattoos all over his arms, his buzzcut hairdo, and the apparent anger. Because of all these similarities, the viewers, especially those that haven’t heard the song before the clip’s release, can feel the rapper’s anger, frustration, and conflicting emotions at the heart of the video, even if he isn’t the one doing the acting.
  • Joseph Khan directs. Though we don’t necessarily agree with the storyline, we respect Khan’s innovative approaches and his vast experience in the music video world. Another thing we both like about his involvement in Love the Way You Lie is the past experiences he’s had working with Eminem, mostly notably on Without Me, that earned Khan his first Grammy award. This clip may not have been the brightest spot on his long resume, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
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  3. moudz says:

    In the words of Christina Aguilera: “Will the real Slim Shady please shut up!” πŸ˜›
    The only reason Rihanna is featured, and even Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan star in the music video, is because of Eminem’s declining popularity. I wonder how much he paid them…

    • Tom says:

      I’d take that from someone who actually knows who Eminem is πŸ˜‰
      Taking by that you are into a completely different genre of music, in addition to that his album debuted at #1 in sales, I wonder whose popularity is declining?


  4. Bec says:

    Regardless of the amazingness/oddity of the video, I am loving Eminem’s fresh musical offerings. Very raw, very catchy.

  5. critic says:

    Megan Fox is the best. Tal is just jealous.

  6. lojy says:

    i like reading this stuff πŸ™‚
    and dominic is hot hahaha πŸ˜€

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