Baby, Let Me Love You Down: Usher Goes O.M.G

Posted: 02/08/2010 by TK in Can't Get It Out of Your Head
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If you have been on the streets of Lebanon recently, you may have repeatedly heard the following chant “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….Oh my Gosh, Oooo oh oh, oooo oh oh… , loudly being blasted from nearby cars. Don’t be surprised much, because that’s the hook from Usher’s summer hit O.M.G. It has been getting a lot of airtime recently, on every possible radio and television station, so there is no way to avoid its catchy beat and simple earworm lyrics. Of course, in true Usher fashion, the song isn’t that in-depth. Heavily auto-tuned and featuring guest vocals from the famous, the song is all about, drumrollllllll please, falling in instant love with a girl at a club. See, I told you, nothing too wildly exciting. But with lyrics like

This was something special
This was just like dynamite
Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow
Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow!

you just can’t help but laugh and sing along, maybe even dance. And this is coming from a person who originally hated the tune.

Something else to further Usher’s cause (who will be gracing us with his presence in September), the wildly fantastic video. Known for his intricate dance movies, especially in his 2004 hit Yeah, he takes that to the next level to present us with the following. Just watch and see. He might as well be the MJ of this generation, as many critics have claimed.

I don’t agree with the dance sequence where he, and his backup dancers, have cigars in their mouths and incorporate that into the scene. A lot of people will be imitating this video, so him being a role model of some sort doesn’t resonate well with me or anyone who is firmly anti-smoking.

One final note though:

Usher maybe the hottest act out there, but many people will never forgive him for bringing a certain Justin Bieber into the music world. Enough said.

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  2. BeirutBoy says:

    I gotta admit I’ve downloaded a couple of Bieber songs.

    You gotta remember…this is a kid that became famous on YouTube so the ‘people’ made him a star. The record label capitalized on the hype later on.

    He’s gonna need something more solid than “the way he moves his golden locks” to stay relevant in the music business, though.

  3. BeirutBoy says:

    lol. If Usher hadn’t brought Bieber to the music scene, Justin Timberlake would have.

    As for OMG, I luv the song and the guys cheerin in the background.

    • Tal says:

      Shame. I don’t know how the thought of Justin Bieber being talented occurred to two of the hottest acts of this generation. I guess to each his own!
      The cheers definitely give the song a great feel. I really can’t stop listening to it, probably because of that.

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