A Bunch Of Random Facts-Part 2

Posted: 31/07/2010 by TK in Around the Net
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This is a continuation of the post we had up last week adapted from the fantastic Thrillist where we gave you a list of 22 random facts that you may or may not have come across in your daily life. We now present you with a few more for you reading enjoyment. Here goes 🙂

  1. The average heart will beat 3,000,000,000 times in a lifetime. That is a lot.
  2. Mount Everest grows 4 millimeters a year. Good luck if you’re attempting to climb it in the near future.
  3. The most common lie is “I’m Fine.” Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.
  4. Golf is the only sport to be played on the moon. What about being bored out of your mind?
  5. But there is no superman!

  6. Koala bears sleep 22 hours a day. Right now, I really want that.
  7. A bolt of lighting contains enough energy to toast 160,00 pieces of bread. That is a lot of bread!
  8. There are around 61 trees per person.  Be careful or we might just down to 6 trees in the coming years.
  9. 14.4 million letters are lost in the mail every year. To that I say, use email!
  10. Oopsies

  11. You can make diamonds out of tequila. Not just wildly drunk moments.
  12. There are 6700 languages. Talk about getting lost in translation.
  13. Cola would be green if coloring wasn’t added. Ewww
  14. Your eyes blinks 50% less when you read. Moral of the story: Read.
  15. Imagine that...

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