Chrome and Firefox playing catch-up…to IE?

Posted: 26/07/2010 by Joe in Around the Net, Time to Get Geeky
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If you ask any Internet savvy user (but Microsoft users of course), everyone will tell you that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are much better than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

The IE team is now saying otherwise.

With rumors of IE9 to be released soon, Microsoft’s IE team is saying that Internet Explorer 9 is months away from being released, and that IE9 basically depends on hardware acceleration, as the Internet Explore 9 Platform Preview showed in an impressive performance.

Although Firefox 4 beta 1 is already out, and has its own GPU (graphics processing unit) acceleration, IE’s group program manager, Robert Mauceri, says that IE9’s harwdware acceleration is “a lot more comprehensive”, where IE9 accelerates much more on the page according to Mauceri, and the GPU is used as all text, graphics, video and images are being rendered.

According to Microsoft's speed test, IE9 runs faster Firefox 4.

According to Mauceri, some tests have shown that FF4 and IE9 are really similar, but in other features, Firefox and Google Chrome are playing catch-up to Internet Explorer. For example, as Mauceri said, Firefox’s new HTML5 parser uses a “separate thread from the one handling Firefox’s interface”, something already exists in IE8 by running each tab in an isolated process.  Google Chrome’s first steps into native code is nothing really special, as IE has had native code for years according to the IE group manager.

I have a good feeling about IE9 and I can’t wait until it’s out. What do you say?

  1. Edrees says:

    Sure, why not? =~P
    I currently use Chrome because it’s a lot simpler to use than Firefox, however Chrome has a few compatibility issues with my PC, so if IE9 is just as good as Chrome for browsing then IE9 it is!

  2. rand says:

    IE has always been slow since version 7…they announced version 8 with their big talk n shit and its same shit again. version 9 will be no surprise.

    microsoft can never compete with FF let alone google’s chromium project

    FF -> open source code…and yet microsoft is still trying to catch up

    all what microsoft cares about is marketing their products…this has been a known fact since windows NT came up

    Steve Jobs yapped and yapped about his iphone 4 and its the worst one ever.

    i want reviews not previews

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