NBA Free Agency Update 1

Posted: 14/07/2010 by Joe in Need a Home
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After the latest frenzy surrounding LeBron James signing with the Miami Heat, how has this affected the rest of the NBA? Let’s take a look:

UTAH JAZZ recieved Al Jefferson from the MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES for two future first round picks and Kosta Koufos

Overall winner: Both as the Jazz found someone to cover up for Carlos Boozer and the Timberwolves cleared space to sign players

DENVER NUGGETS signed Al Harrington.

Derek Fisher agreed to resign with the LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS traded Tyson Chandler to the DALLAS MAVERICKS with Alexis Ajinca for Erick Dampier, Eduardo Najera, Matt Carrol, and cash considerations.

Overall winner: Dallas Mavericks for acquiring a defensive-minded center in Chandler, plus there weren’t really good monetary benefits for Charlotte.

CHICAGO BULLS signed Kyle Korver and Omer Asik.

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS signed Anthony Morrow and traded him to the NEW JERSEY NETS for a 2011 second-draft pick .

Overall Winner: Both, as the Warriors gained cash and Anthony Morrow would be a great addition for the Nets.

SAN ANTONIO SPURS resigned Matt Bonner.

WASHINGTON WIZARDS signed Hilton Armstrong.


MIAMI HEAT traded Michael Beasley to the MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES for 2011 and 2014 second round draft picks and cash considerations

Overall Winner: Both, as Miami Heat gained some cash to sign their trio and surround them with good players, and the Timberwolves can form a decent front-line with Beasley and Kevin Love.

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES signed Darko Milicic, Wesley Johnson, and Lazar Hayward.

SAN ANTONIO SPURS signed Tiago Splitter

NEW JERSEY NETS agreed on terms with former LOS ANGELES LAKERS guard Jordan Farmar.

A “What-If” Analysis: LeBron James joined the other 5 teams

As you may all have known by now, LeBron James decided to join friends Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh at the Miami Heat.

What if LeBron James decided to join one of the other teams that were in the running for him? How is he going to “fit” in with Miami Heat?

Chicago Bulls

If I were James and decided to leave Cleveland (a mistake in my opinion) and really cared about winning titles, the Chicago Bulls would be the perfect choice. What could be better than with having one of the best point guards in Derrick Rose, an inside threat in Carlos Boozer who also is a 20-10 machine, and a defensive-minded center in Joakim Noah? In addition you got a three point threat in Kyle Korver which makes this team unstoppable and an instant favorite for the title for the next five years.  This move would also be great for him legacy-wise, as he will remain an alpha dog by playing for this team, and will be able to deliver championships to Chicago for the first time since the great Michael Jordan and have his jersey retired right next to MJ’s.

Cleveland Cavaliers

James wants to win a title now. I get that, but it isn’t like the Cavs are a long shot to doing so. After all, they did post the best regular season record for the past two years and still have a legitimate shot at winning the title, as they weren’t that far from winning. Plus, he would’ve remained a legend here and established his kingdom for good here and would’ve remained in the debate for the greatest player ever by beating his friends, not playing with them. The debate of him vs. Kobe also ended, as Bryant stuck with one team through the good and bad and managed to win 5 titles as the sole leader of his team. James could’ve also made an extra 15 million dollars by signing a maximum contract with the Cavs.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers would have also been a great choice for James basketball –wise. After all, teaming up with B-Diddy and having a double front court threat in Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman would make the Clippers a threat in the West and a contender for the title. It would also make the rivalry in L.A. a great one for the NBA fans, as seeing the Kobe vs. LeBron four times in the season would be great for the NBA.

Miami Heat

No doubt, playing with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh is really, really cool, except when you are LeBron James and are one of the two choices for “Who is the greatest player today?” question. As said before, Michael Jordan wouldn’t have joined Magic Johnson or Charles Barkley if he had the chance, he would play against them to prove he’s the best, and that was what was expected from James. Instead of being a leader, he wanted to be part of a group, just like his high school days. Basketball-wise, three guys can’t win alone, although in Boston with the Big Three it was proved otherwise, yet again, for the Celtics, players like Eddie House, James Posey, and Tony Allen who stepped up to save the Celtics, and as of now, in addition to their “Big Three”, Miami has Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem and may sign Zydrunas Ilguaskus, which is all good but it will remain to see how the team chemistry works. Also, this is Dwayne Wade’s team, which means that LeBron James is not the alpha dog on this team, and will not be getting the last shot most probably in a tight game. Finally, if LeBron wins any championships with the Heat, it will go down in history as “LeBron needed D-Wade and Bosh to win titles”. Not so good for his legacy I guess?

New Jersey Nets

Having Devin Harris and Brook Lopez on your team would definitely be an upgrade over Mo Williams and Ilguaskas, in addition to having a winning coach like Avery Johnson, your BFF as a part owner (Jay-Z) and the Russian Mark Cuban as your owner. The Nets would be moving to Brooklyn in the next two years and James has a great chance of making his mark here and winning titles for the Nets.

New York Knicks

Yes, the Knicks. Two years of dumping high salaries, good players that would’ve helped them to make the playoffs rather than tanking their past two seasons in hope of signing James and another superstar (Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, etc..). But that didn’t seem to work and instead, the best they got was an injury-prone center in Amare Stoudemire, who had a great season despite the injuries. LeBron James could’ve been a billionaire playing in New York, became a global icon like he always wanted to, and after all, playing in Madison Square Garden, known as the Mecca of Basketball, for at least 41 nights a season and winning titles for them would make him a legend in New York with the great offensive style that coach Mike D’Antoni preaches night in night out.

  1. Tom says:

    This truly will be a great season =D. Miami are spending definitely going over the salary cap and are going to do anything to dethrone the Lakers. But Kobe won’t lose 😉

  2. babytyche08 says:

    Great Update. It’s literally a circus out there. No one knows who’s going where, but one thing’s for sure. I can’t wait for the season to start. =)

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