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The Very FirstĀ One

Posted: 09/07/2010 by Tala in Mindless Thoughts

It’s close to midnight and it’s the end of an exhaustive week.
An exhaustive but productive week and certainly a week of exciting events.
It just puts everything into perspective.
Tom and I decided to start a joint blog at around 7 am, just as I was gulping down Nescafe, and thinking of how the day was going to go along.
It’s been a nerve-wrecking month or so.
But things have come full-circle now.
All in the course of one week.
Sometimes you don’t understand why something is happening to you.
Sometimes you have to think about something twice before it begins to make sense.
Being in a bus for long, long hours is my way of exhausting a thought, tearing it apart into tiny, unseen fragments and just thinking things through.
But things make so much more sense to me right now.
What this blog is going to do, I have no idea.
For now,
I’m just going to write.
And wonder why I’m doing so at 11:51 pm, on the verge of falling asleep.
But then again,
This is my first post on TnT